Our mission

Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to help save the planet by reaching Net Zero together. Emmanuel Meyer, managing director: “Cheesy as it may sound, our children are our main driver to do what we do. I have three kids, and I do not want them to grow up in a dystopian future. We have the responsibility, power and knowledge to preserve this world for the next generation.

PowerTree contributes to this mission by installing utility-scale solar installations worldwide, powering the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Sustainable choices from start to finish

However, it is meaningless to install solar panels to save the planet if the land we use is subject to deforestation, or if it displaces an indigenous tribe. We focus on making sustainable choices from start to finish so no harm is done to any local environment. Our projects need to contribute to local communities in terms of clean energy supply and job opportunities. Only if these conditions are met can a piece of land qualify to become a PowerTree Project.

“Our mission is to create a fully decarbonised world within our lifetime.”

– Emmanuel Meyer, managing director PowerTree

Our vision

Our core business is to develop, build and manage clean solar energy assets throughout the world. We aim to become the partner of choice for investors that are targeting renewable, impact or sustainable investments. We combine this investment capital with our expertise to ensure efficient development, construction, financing and operation of solar power and energy storage projects. These projects contribute to our mission to transition our society to a fully decarbonised world.

Our values

We are driven by our core values. Every choice and decision we make is based upon these values:


We say what we do and do what we say. We work in a fully transparent manner with all stakeholders – no hidden clauses or agendas.


We don’t compromise or take shortcuts. We uphold the highest ESG standards and take on full accountability for its execution.


We do not brag or make false claims. We embrace change and are always open towards better ideas and solutions.


We accomplish tasks as a team. We are creative thinkers: we don’t give up when things get tough, and find solutions others miss.