Solar Power

Our experienced team develops energy solutions to achieve competitively-priced, reliable, clean energy for local businesses and communities.
PowerTree delivers superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors while minimizing the risk during greenfield by aligning our interests and capital commitments with those of our financial partners.
We team up with like-minded local experts interested in the long term value creation who understand what is needed to deploy capital in energy assets in emerging countries.

Energy Storage

At PowerTree, we have long understood the potential of energy storage and the integration with solar power generation to deliver reliable and competitive energy to private and public stakeholders.
That is why in 2016 we invested in a leading UK energy storage developer, through which PowerTree has access to world class technology leaders to deliver bankable solutions backed by reliable technical partners.
We are able to incorporate energy storage solutions into the projects we develop, from UPS through Frequency Regulation solutions and Peak Avoidance energy shifting all the way down to daily, weekly and seasonal energy storage, we understand every site has specific needs and we analyse the unique requirements to deliver tailored solutions for each site.
We have an agnostic approach to energy storage technologies and we specialize in combining compatible technologies to deliver the services that optimize the energy value to all the stakeholders.
We have access to 53MWh of behind–the–meter energy storage projects under development and by the end of 2020 the portfolio is targeted to exceed 240MWh.

Energy Blockchain

We understand blockchain’s potential beyond the cryptocurrency bubble and we explore new business models to accelerate the penetration and democratization of renewable energies in emerging markets.
That is why we are backing PowerBee, a spinoff of Oxford Univesity’s Blockchain Strategy program that focuses on tokenization of electricity to enable peer-to-peer exchange.
PowerTree also believes that blockchain technology will be instrumental in unlocking the potential for innovative investment solutions that will give the global community a possibility of participating in the energy transition; as such we are pioneering EnerBlock, an asset-backed equity token and exchange platform that will enable anyone to partake in the energy transition.