PowerTree is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the renewable energy industry. We develop, build and manage solar plants, primarily in South America. Our goal is to power the energy transition through solar energy by combining our technical expertise with investments from sustainably-minded investors. Our mission is simple but ambitious: to create a fully decarbonised world within our lifetime – and, in doing so, preserve the planet for generations to come.

About us

PowerTree is an international company, with its head office in London and a team of professionals spread throughout the world. PowerTree’s staff have extensive backgrounds in the renewable energy industry. This complimentary blend of industrial, engineering, consulting, and private equity experience makes us a valuable partner in the financial and operational development of solar power plants and energy storage facilities.

Since 2018, PowerTree has been developing solar plants around the world. Our experienced team develops energy solutions which provide local communities and businesses with competitively-priced reliable clean energy. By working on a strictly transparent basis with local developers, we are able to ensure a smooth and efficient execution of projects.

Track record

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Core activities

Solar power

As a power source for humanity, solar power is undeniably the superior source. It is the most abundant and most reliable source of energy. Solar energy is safe, easy to harvest and has almost unlimited possibilities in terms of location: it can be produced and used practically anywhere. Even in places not considered particularly sunny!

At PowerTree, we believe that solar power has proved to be the winner in renewable energy. That is why we focus solely on solar power to create competitively-priced, reliable clean energy for local businesses and communities.

Energy storage

At PowerTree, we have always seen the potential of energy storage and the importance of its integration with solar power generation in order to deliver reliable and competitively priced energy to private and public stakeholders. Only by combining solar power with energy storage solutions, a fully decarbonized world can be achieved.

PowerTree has access to many different energy storage technologies from various reliable partners. We specialize in combining compatible technologies to deliver the services that optimise the energy value to all stakeholders – from investor to end-user.